Plastic Fuel Tanks Mercedes-Benz G-class

Mercedes cars have earned worldwide popularity due to their combination of comfort and reliability. But the intensive use of the car hits some components very hard. One of the most vulnerable parts is the petrol tank. It gradually deteriorates under the influence of additives that are present in the fuel.

The structure itself suffers greatly due to corrosion, the rotting process is possible. But the problem can be solved by purchasing tanks based on modern composite material based on polyester resins. Plastic Mercedes fuel tanks are not subject to corrosion, rotting, they are made of material inert to chemistry. Therefore, the additives in the fuel will not have a negative impact on the tank. It will last for a long time, and leaks are excluded due to the tightness of the construction.

When do you need to change the fuel tank for your auto?

Plastic fuel tanks are purchased to replace failed original parts. The reasons are different. For example, a Mercedes car was in an accident, and the impact came just in the area where the petrol tank is installed. Often there are leaks due to the effects of corrosion or rotting. In such a case, we recommend buying and installing a plastic tank sooner. The presence of a leak not only leads to increased fuel consumption, but also increases the risk of a car fire.

Five reasons to buy a plastic petrol tank from us:

  • affordable price, in-house production;
  • plastic fuel tank is not subject to corrosion;
  • extended warranty – 36 months;
  • free consultation, we help you to choose the model according to your car;
  • worldwide delivery.

The order is placed through the “basket”, the payment option is selected at the last step of the order placement.