Plastic Fuel Tanks Toyota

Plastic fuel tanks made of impact-resistant composite material are increasingly being used instead of standard metal tanks. The fixing elements on the tank are positioned exactly in line with the factory points. Therefore, replacement takes minimum time. The main thing is to choose a model suitable for a particular Toyota brand.

Inside the tank there are special ribs that increase mechanical strength and significantly reduce the movement of fuel inside during acceleration and braking.

When do you need to change the fuel tank for your auto?

Plastic fuel tanks are purchased for several reasons. For example, replacement is required after an emergency situation, detection of through holes formed due to metal corrosion. Or for prevention, when the owner has suspicions that low-quality additives to fuels and lubricants may have affected the material of the old tank.

Our customers receive:

  • affordable price, in-house production;
  • plastic fuel tank is not subject to corrosion;
  • extended warranty – 36 months;
  • free consultation, we help you to choose the model according to your car;
  • worldwide delivery.

The order is placed through the “basket”, the payment option is selected at the last step of the order placement.