Plastic Fuel Tanks SsangYong

Plastic fuel tanks are compatible with the factory ones fitted to any SsangYong vehicle. Due to internal stiffeners, durability is increased. At the same time they perform the task of dividing the tank into sections, which prevent fuel imbalance during sharp manoeuvres.

Mounting points on the tank are located in exact accordance with the factory ones, so there are no questions with replacement – the tank fits clearly into the standard place without modifications.

When do you need to change the fuel tank for your auto?

Replacement of a fuel tank may be necessary in several cases. When the old one is damaged due to a blow in an accident, due to corrosion caused by low-quality additives. Or during body repair, when the owner prepares the car for sale, makes preventive maintenance of critical elements to increase the repair-free service life.

Our customers receive:

  • affordable price, in-house production;
  • plastic fuel tank is not subject to corrosion;
  • extended warranty – 36 months;
  • free consultation, we help you to choose the model according to your car;
  • worldwide delivery.

The order is placed through the “basket”, the payment option is selected at the last step of the order placement.