Plastic Fuel Tanks Nissan

Plastic fuel tanks for Nissan cars are used as a replacement for the factory ones. The sections into which the tank is divided internally prevent unbalance due to fuel movement during acceleration or braking, or when driving on uneven roads. The tank attaches to the factory mounts, so no modifications are required when replacing the tank.

When do you need to change the fuel tank for your auto?

The decision to buy a plastic fuel tank is made in several cases. During repair with replacement of damaged body parts, for example, after an accident. Or when preparing for sale, when preventive maintenance of critical components of the car. Metal tanks start to leak over time at the seams or due to corrosion processes leading to holes.

Why turn to us?

Plastic tanks are more favourable than metal ones in terms of price. They weigh less, last longer, and are resistant to even aggressive chemicals.

Our customers receive:

  • affordable price, in-house production;
  • plastic fuel tank is not subject to corrosion;
  • extended warranty – 36 months;
  • free consultation, we help you to choose the model according to your car;
  • worldwide delivery.

The order is placed through the “basket”, the payment option is selected at the last step of the order placement.