Plastic Fuel Tanks Peugeot

Plastic tanks made of impact-resistant modern composite material based on polyester resins are a good replacement for the standard metal tanks installed on Peugeot cars. Structurally and in terms of material parameters, they comply with the established norms.

Inside there are sections that prevent the movement of fuel when the car is travelling on an uneven road or during acceleration and braking. The location of the tank fasteners corresponds to the factory, according to the specific make of the car. Therefore, it takes a minimum of time to replace the tank without the need for body modifications.

When do you need to change the fuel tank for your auto?

It is recommended to replace the standard fuel tank with a plastic one if the old one has lost its tightness. Or if the fasteners or the structure itself are damaged. For example, when the car is involved in an accident. Sometimes it is necessary to change the tank because of low-quality additives that corrode the metal up to the appearance of through holes.

Why turn to us?

Plastic tanks are more favourable than metal ones in terms of price. They weigh less, last longer, and are resistant to even aggressive chemicals. That is why the goods produced by our company on its equipment are in demand all over the world.

Our customers receive:

  • affordable price, in-house production;
  • plastic fuel tank is not subject to corrosion;
  • extended warranty – 36 months;
  • free consultation, we help you to choose the model according to your car;
  • worldwide delivery.

The order is placed through the “basket”, the payment option is selected at the last step of the order placement.